Duke University Logos and Trademarks

Duke's trademarks include, but are not limited to: the words DUKE, Duke University, Blue Devils, Dukie, Wade Wacko and Cameron Crazie; logos such as the stylized 'D', the Blue Devil, the Devil Head, the Duke with Heart Design, the Pitchfork Design, the official Duke Seal, and the Duke Shield; and distinctive campus locations such as Duke Chapel, Cameron Indoor Stadium, the Sarah P. Duke Gardens, and Duke's distinctive architecture.

Your purchase of 'Officially Licensed Duke Products' helps to support the general fund of Duke University. When you purchase a Duke product which bears the red, white and blue, 'Officially Licensed Collegiate Products' label, it represents genuine craftsmanship and authenticity of the product. It guarantees the merchandise is of the highest quality available, and it signifies the item was produced by a Duke authorized manufacturer that meets the standards set forth by the University, including the requirements of Duke's Code of Conduct for Duke Licensees.

You can view the official Duke logo sheet, showing the most commonly licensed Duke trademarks, by clicking on the following link: Official Duke University Logo Sheet.