The Duke Code of Conduct

In March 1998, Duke became the first university in the country to develop and adopt a Code of Conduct for manufacturers of products bearing its trademarks, and which included a blueprint for independent monitoring of working conditions in factories. In addition, in March 1998, Duke became the first university to join a White House task force to foster fair working conditions at factories in the U.S. and worldwide. As an affiliate of the Fair Labor Association and the Workers Rights Consortium, and a supporter of other similar projects, Duke now requires public disclosure of its licensees' factory locations and owners, internal monitoring of all facilities, and independent monitoring of factories that are deemed likely to violate worker rights. Duke is also pleased to support capacity building projects in several countries to help enable grass roots organizations to carry out effective factory monitoring. Please visit and for details about these monitoring processes.

The Duke University Code of Conduct can be viewed by clicking on the following link: Duke Code of Conduct.