Duke University's origins trace back to 1838, to Brown's Schoolhouse, a private subscription school in nearby Randolph County, North Carolina. In 1839, Brown's Schoolhouse was formally organized by the Union Institute Society, a group of Methodists and Quakers. In 1859, upon affiliation with the Methodist Church, Union Institute became known as Trinity College. Trinity College relocated to Durham, North Carolina in 1892. In 1924, James Buchanan Duke, as a memorial to his father, Washington Duke, created the family philanthropic foundation, the Duke Endowment, which provided for the expansion of Trinity College into Duke University.

With 170 years of history behind its name, many name(s) images, symbols, logos, and trademarks have come to be identified with the traditions and values associated with Duke University.

This website was developed to provide you with information about the University's trademarks and other identifiers, and how they can be used.

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